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We inspect, identify, and quantify the level of mold and/or mold spores present in your home or office. Then, we provide a comprehensive mold report plus a step-by-step remediation plan to fix the problem(s).
All of this can be done within 24 HOURS

Our 4-Step Mold Inspection Process

We are professionals who take pride in our work and aspire to ensure sustainability of our industry. Our mobile lab and aerobiologist will arrive at your home or office in Algonquin, IL ready to investigate.


Visual Inspection

This is an indispensable tool in identifying if your home or office is contaminated with mold.

The inspection starts with an environmental survey to study the premises and includes:

  • Health status/challenges of building/home
  • Building age
  • History, particularly of flooding
  • Temperature
  • Relative humidity
  • Any neighboring bodies of water
  • Slope of the land
  • Sturdiness of the foundation
  • Sloping of patios, etc. toward the foundation
  • Occupant interviews (if applicable)


Prove or Disprove Our Theory

​Next, our mold expertise comes in, as we work out a possible reason for the contamination and plan how to prove or disprove our theory.

Following that, we identify if there are any signs of water damage or excess moisture, such as:

  • ​Water leaks
  • Water stains
  • Leaking pipes
  • Pooling water at the building foundation
  • Condensation on windows and/or exterior walls
  • State of gutters
  • Sloping of sidewalks, walkways, etc.
  • Exhaust fans in bathrooms ducted through the roof
  • Building materials and furnishing discoloration or staining
  • Noticeable mold, musty, or earthy odors


Sampling of Surface & Air Mold

Surface Sampling

Where we are able to see mold with the naked eye, we will recommend sampling.

Using our cutting-edge, on-site mobile lab, we can process these samples almost immediately and identify the type of mold present.

This gives us a huge advantage in understanding the possible source of the moisture as well as the treatment, much like a doctor taking blood tests and sending these to the lab. All this helps us further prove/disprove our theory.

For the Mold Enthusiasts
The presence of a mold type known as Stachybotrys suggests an extreme moisture condition, possible flooding, or a pipe that has been leaking for months or even years. Whereas Cladosporium mold could suggests a one-time event or a flood that was cleaned up right away (possibly a small leak or puddle).

Air Sampling

This is the final step to proving/disproving our theory, and we call this stage hypothesis testing.

Of course, it is easy to clean up visible mold, but we need to see what is happening on a microscopic level to ensure we give you the right solution. Air samples help us to do this.

Each mold species has its own DNA. Some may cause allergies and asthma attacks or sinus infections, while others are dangerous enough to be detrimental to an immune-compromised person.

Air sampling allows us to collect, analyze, and generate the MoldCode™ report within an hour. With our years of experience and expertise, we can interpret all the data to produce a holistic solution.


Remediation Plan

This comprehensive data collection and analysis allows us to produce a detailed and methodical remediation plan if necessary (i.e., a to-do list).

As added value to you, our customer, we will also provide you with a copy of our “Simple Solutions for Common Mold Problems” that you can incorporate yourself.

We won’t take air samples and walk away. We will stay and solve your mold problems today.

​I hereby truthfully assure you that our company does not abide by any scams, lies, or fake promises. We deliver a reliable, cost-effective solution to service our customer. So, call the experts if you see, smell, or suspect mold. We are the go-to mold inspection team; allow us to impress you.

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