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Asbestos Testing

​While NO medical test can detect asbestos fibers in your lungs, we can tell you if asbestos is in your home!

​If you’re planning to remodel your home or business and you or your contractor suspect there might be asbestos around, this is the time to contact Midwest Aerobiology Labs. Call us now, without hesitation, because we know what we’re doing, and we’ll test your area for the presence, type, and percentage of asbestos-containing material.

Why Choose Midwest Aerobiology Labs:

  • Professional – our team consists of skilled Aerobiologists with expert knowledge of asbestos
  • trustworthy – we are a “test-only” company, and we have no affiliation with asbestos removal contractors
  • efficient – we conduct an organized, comprehensive asbestos inspection and testing with same-day results

Customer satisfaction is always our uppermost priority. That means we provide you with the highest quality, professional ‘testing’ service.

We respect your privacy above all things, as well as present you with an unbiased asbestos test report or a full refund. We are also available for your questions and consultation so that you’ll be 100% satisfied.

Hire Midwest Aerobiology Labs for testing asbestos to guarantee your home is safe, secure, and healthy.

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