Midwest Aerobiology Labs (Mold & Asbestos Inspectors)

Popcorn Ceiling & Ceiling Tile Asbestos Testing

Asbestos may be hiding in plain sight – hanging over your family in ceiling tiles, plaster, or popcorn texture. Midwest Aerobiology Labs is a licensed Illinois inspector, and we deliver 100% unbiased, easy-to-read inspection reports. As a test-only company, we’ll never sell your information or recommend remediation contractors, so you can test with confidence and keep everyone safe.

Questions? Pricing?

Call 1 (630) 454-9838

Price Includes:
  • Sampling performed by an Illinois-licensed asbestos inspector (Ask for I.D.)
  • One (1) Asbestos sample
  • Next-day results!
  • 20 minute telephone or zoom consultation

      *Additional samples $48 per sample (layer)


30 MIN

New Service

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