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A Home Inspector to Test for Mold? Think Again.

Buying a new home is a big deal. It’s likely the largest investment you’ll ever make and you want to make sure you’re getting one that’s healthy and sound. While a home inspection is definitely something you want to do, home inspectors are limited in their scope when it comes to mold. Why? There are a host of reasons that range from not being specifically trained to presenting with natural biases.

For example, most home inspectors are referred by the buyer’s realtor. So, it’s only natural that they’re likely to downplay a real mold problem. There’s a lot at stake and unfortunately, your best interests may be one of them. Highlighting a potential problem could ruin the deal on multiple levels that include:

  • The seller can’t sell the house
  • The buyer won’t buy the house
  • The realtor misses out on a commission
  • The home inspector may hurt his relationship with the realtor
  • And more…

So, what the answer? Hire a mold test only company that has no hidden agenda or affiliation with mold removal contractors or other related third parties. It will only run necessary air and surface tests and you’ll get results within the hour.

Part of the solution; not the problem

A mold test only company will not only test for mold, but some will also help you figure out how to prevent it. For example, KnowMold has put together a free guide that gives people simple solutions for common mold problems. For example, in order to prevent mold, here are just a few things you can do:

  • Keep your furnace clean
  • Repair plumbing leaks
  • Maintain low indoor humidity
  • Buy a dehumidifier
  • Exhaust all moisture producing appliances such as bath exhaust and dryer vents to the outside

A mold test only company is a partner you can trust. For detailed mold prevention and cleaning tips, download the free Mold Code Digital Handbook.

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